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Ken and Ge’mar worked themselves like dogs today, but the youngest chickens now have a new home!  Ken had been working for over a week to clean out this previously-full-of-junk area in the barn.  Lots of wood, lots of glass jars and light covers, lots of mice, had filled this southwest corner of the main barn, and it all had to go.  Ge’mar helped him finish the cleaning out and they worked together to create this front frame and put up chicken wire to enclose the smaller chickens. Bear worked hard, too.  He loves chasing mice, and I think he caught a few of them!

Once it was finished, Ken and Ge’mar moved the chickens from their prior A-frame coop accommodations into this space.  It was a BIG step up for them.  Bear moved in also, and didn’t want to leave.  Lots of nice dry straw made the stall a snuggly place to lay down and take a nap. It took a LOT of coaxing to finally get him to come out!

We knew it was coming, and sure enough, once the snow melted, they showed up: little lakes.  Everywhere. We’re going to have tall boot days around here for a while.  At least there’s sun in the forecast!

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When my husband was in the Navy, he spent a fair amount of time underway. For you land-lubbers, that means floating around on a ship out in the middle of an ocean far from home. This was long before e-mail or cell phones, so one of the most important activities on the ship was always Mail Call.  Big bags of mail came in on helicopters or, if you were on a carrier, by plane. The Postal Clerks sorted the mail in the ship’s post office. “Mail Call” was announced over the 1MC (ship’s intercom system), and someone from each division would pick up the mail and hand it out. If you got a box, it was a real cause for celebration.  Boxes often contained good things to eat, books, socks, and cassette tapes of the popular music of the day or family greetings.

Mail Call is a fun time out here in the country, too, especially when there are boxes!  Our letter carrier is nice enough to leave them on the porch instead of out by the mailbox which is located across the street from the house.  During the last few days, we’ve been blessed with a nice assortment of boxes.

Most of our chicken stuff order from Randall Burkey came.  We’re getting into the egg business, so the sign will hang outside on our fence, and the boxes give us something other than re-used grocery cartons to put our eggs in.  The big metal disk is a heater that we can put under the chickens’ water the next time it freezes, and I simply had to have the egg scale just because it’s cute!  Ken was measuring eggs this morning, and they range from medium to extra large!

The Amazon box had something farm related and something fun in it!  I have a microscope on the way, so I had to order a reference book to refer to when doing fecal exams.  Won’t that be fun!  No, that really wasn’t the fun book. The fun book is Spinning Designer Yarns. When I grow up, I want to be like my friend Laurie who spins beautiful bulky yarns. I’m hoping this book will help me get there!

Next was the Arbonne box with my face cream (and a few other things that I was out of) in it.  I don’t know if it is the weather or the water out here, but my face is feeling the effects! I was *super* glad to see this box come. The little bottles of lotion are for the secretaries and other support staff at my school, just a little something to show that I appreciate them!

Special note:  I sell Arbonne, so if your representative has left you or you’re looking for one, send me an e-mail and I’ll get you fixed up!

The heavy box was a 50 pound bag of food grade Diatomaceous Earth.  This is great stuff! We mix it in with the animals’ food to help control parasite. We also dust it around, particularly in the chicken area, for the same reason.  Humans can even mix it with water and drink it for intestinal health although I readily admit that we aren’t quite that fond of it!

The box from KnitPicks is the Bare yarn that we are going to paint during our 2010 Winter Fiber Fun Retreat which is coming up the first weekend in February.  I sure was glad that I opened this box (instead of just putting it away until Retreat time) because the fingering weight yarn in the box was the wrong stuff!  I had to quick-like-a-bunny get on the internet and reorder the right stuff so it will be here in time. Next week, I’ll back up a box to be returned.

Finally, there was a box of coffee, a new flavor of K-cups that I bought to go with the coffee pot out in my workroom.  A rainy day like today is a perfect day from some flavorful, organic, fair trade coffee.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop in and join me!

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