I’ve been a little hesitant to say anything publicly because of the bad luck we had with our last rabbit litter, but we have another batch of baby bunnies at the Farm. There are currently 7 (down from 9). Six are black and one is white. We can think Grampa Carter bunny (R.I.P.) for that white gene!

Mama bunny is our Cocoa, a German/Satin mix. Daddy bunny is our Caramel, also a German/Satin mix.

Let’s all send good vibes toward my Bunny Barn for the good health of this group of squirmy, sqeaky, sweethearts!


Aaron’s Hat

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Crazy knitters, spinners, and crocheters are sitting in their houses making beautiful things in whichever fiber craft catches their fancy while watching the Vancouver Olympics (or not). Those who are hooked in to the Ravelry social network are entering their finished goods in the Ravelympics and receiving virtual medals for their efforts.

This is my entry in the Hat Halfpipe competition. It is called “Aaron’s Hat” not because I made it for some guy named Aaron, but because that’s the pattern name! It’s actually going into inventory as I prepare for next fall’s round of craft fairs and art shows.

What’s next? The matching cowl neckscarf, of course!

GrandGirls at the Farm!

For those of you not personally acquainted with us, we have three children (all girls) and four grandchildren (all girls).  Three of those four grandgirls are sisters who live within driving distance.  I refer to them as the Three Sisters.  This weekend, we were fortunate to have them come play with us here at the farm. 

The girls were able to do all of their favorite things!  They drove the golf cart, and drove the golf cart, and drove the golf cart… You get the picture!  Good thing they got that out of the way on Saturday because by Sunday, it was muddy……. again.

They ate their favorite foods, both at our house and at the Dairy Queen!  They went to the Farmersville feed store with Papa Ken, and to Atwoods with me where they got to play with (more) baby rabbits and hold the baby chicks.

Papa Ken and I started putting together the dog kennel (although the rain and the tangled arrangement of the chain link prevented us from finishing it).  This will be handy to keep Buddha and MudBud from going on unauthorized adventures outside the fence when we have workmen coming in and out.  The Welder is going to be starting a fence for me soon to make a place for the alpaca herd that will be increasing in size substantially this summer, and then he’ll be helping me build some new goat shelters.

I had to just shake my head at my poor dirty goats.  I think these animals roll in the dirt just for fun!

The girls and I also had some fun in the Bunny Barn.  It was a bunny free-for-all while I cleaned cages.  First we let all the girls out to run around; then we let all the boys out!

Finally, once it stopped raining on Sunday, we put away 30 bales of hay that we hope will get us through the rest of the winter. There was no prayer of getting Randy’s truck and trailer into the back pasture where our hay storage barn is, so we ended up loading it into our livestock trailer which we have parked in front of the house. Not much use having a building for hay storage when you can’t get to it, an issue we still have to work out!

All in all, I think the girls had a fun weekend in the country.  They took home a dozen fresh eggs they had gathered from the chickens, and a bag of rabbit poo for Ms. Patti’s garden. Mostly, they ran in the fields, tromped in the mud, played with the animals, ate lots of favorite foods, and provided lots of joy for their grandparents!

Barn Cats ROCK!

Tonight Ken disassembled, stacked, and packed all the cages, carriers, and other gear that had been temporarily loaned to us with the arrival of Stanley and Dudley, our “barn cats” living in the Bunny Barn Workshop.  Tomorrow Peggy of the Barn Cats organization will pick it all up to use the next time someone wants to try out one of her captured, neutered, healthy cats on a “trial run” basis.

Our new additions, Stanley and Dudley, have definitely made themselves at home, and their performance has been great.  Although we love most creatures, there are a few four-legged critters, most notably little gray ones with long tails, that we would prefer live outside. Stanley and Dudley have the responsibility to make sure that rule is followed, on penalty of death!

Still, there are a few “kinks” to work out.  Dudley and I are experiencing a difference of opinion about his sleeping quarters.  He seems to favor one of my bottom baskets of yarn, despite the fact that he has to flatten himself out substantially to get into it! The squished “nest” of sock yarn was a definite clue that he had found himself a cozy spot.

He knows I’m after him for it, too! You can almost hear him say, “You can’t keep me out!”

Dudley is probably right, too, and it will probably be me who will alter my yarn storage system long before I am successful at convincing Dudley to give up his yarn basket!

That’s ok, Dudley boy. Just keep on showing the mice who’s boss!

Dryness comes!

Dryness comes!

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It’s amazing what a difference even one day of sun and a strong wind can make. This was the scene as I left for work this morning. One big puddle in the front, but everything else was pretty much dried up!

Still, the goats opted to hang out in the dogs’ Quonset hut for a while before heading out to find some grass!

Can we come out yet?

I don’t want anyone to think we have spoiled animals, but, well, we have SOME spoiled animals.

One of the rather ramshackle buildings that was on this property when we bought it was a barn. Although it’s nothing special to look at, the animals are really fond of it. Especially the alpacas. And the goats. And the chickens.

We have prissy spoiled animals. They don’t like getting their feet wet. They stand and look out the door with that “is it dry yet?” look on their faces, ever hopeful.

Sadly, so far the answer is, “No.” But there’s a brisk wind blowing this morning, and that will definitely help.

Ken and Ge’mar worked themselves like dogs today, but the youngest chickens now have a new home!  Ken had been working for over a week to clean out this previously-full-of-junk area in the barn.  Lots of wood, lots of glass jars and light covers, lots of mice, had filled this southwest corner of the main barn, and it all had to go.  Ge’mar helped him finish the cleaning out and they worked together to create this front frame and put up chicken wire to enclose the smaller chickens. Bear worked hard, too.  He loves chasing mice, and I think he caught a few of them!

Once it was finished, Ken and Ge’mar moved the chickens from their prior A-frame coop accommodations into this space.  It was a BIG step up for them.  Bear moved in also, and didn’t want to leave.  Lots of nice dry straw made the stall a snuggly place to lay down and take a nap. It took a LOT of coaxing to finally get him to come out!

We knew it was coming, and sure enough, once the snow melted, they showed up: little lakes.  Everywhere. We’re going to have tall boot days around here for a while.  At least there’s sun in the forecast!